Salary Loans

Whether you want to renovate your home, purchase new gadgets, fund your childís wedding or higher education, a Salaried Personal Loan is the perfect credit instrument. It helps you meet your financial requirements for various needs at short notice. A quick Salaried Personal Loan from Salora is the one-stop solution for any employed individual seeking financial assistance. With our bouquet of offerings, we ensure that your changing needs are met with tailor-made repayment solutions. Our solutions are smart, simple, and flexible, which is what makes us stand apart - making sure that you get the best possible value for your hard earned money. Experience a hassle-free documentation process, quick processing & speedy loan disbursal.

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Features & Benefits of Insta Loans

Our team is well equipped to ensure that you have the smoothest journey from application to getting your funds in hand

  • Paperless Approval

  • No Collateral

  • Instant Disbursal

  • Minimal Processing Time

  • Customizable Loan Tenures

  • Flexible Loan Amount

  • MCompetitive Interest Rate

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